Teen Troupe



Students from 7th grade through 12th grade will learn all aspect of stage performing. The class functions as a great introduction to acting for beginners or as a refresher for teens with performance experience. With a primary focus on finding truthfulness in acting and on gaining tools to aid in vocal and physical transformation, this workshop challenges teens to think critically and on their feet as an actor and formulate their own perspectives as artists. The instructor recommends the workshop as a helpful experience for teens who have difficulty with public speaking. The fall class is entirely exploratory, based on scene work, sense memory exercises, and improvisational exercises. Each child will be able to show off stage performance skills in a workshop performance at the end of the classes. The year is not over after the workshop! Students will then be able to audition and perform in the Annual Spring Musical. Then they will learn all aspects of musical theatre such as, voice, dance, and technical aspects. This is a full year program from September through April.